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Healthy Snacks for Busy Moms

As any busy mom can tell you, there are days when you simply have no time to take a bite of food. I find myself in this predicament more often than I should. It's actually a bad situation to let yourself get into, because when the hypoglycemic attack hits, you're eating everything in site, most of which isn't good for you in the least. Listed below are some healthy snacks for busy moms which I use to curb my own hunger with. Including these snacks in your diet will help to avoid low blood sugar levels that cause you to crash.

Rice Cakes

I've made a habit of keeping rice cakes in my cupboard. They're quick to grab and go with, as well as eat anytime your at home and hungry. There's also a nice variety of different flavors to choose from as well. They're gluten free, and in many cases dairy free for those with food allergies, and just two will keep hunger at bay for quite awhile.

Apples and Cheese

There's no doubt that an apple a day does keep the doctor away. However, when you're a busy mom with errands, kids and work, throwing some cheese in the mix will keep the hunger at bay even longer. Not only that, you'll get a bit more calcium as well as a nice burst of flavor when you combine these two. Make it even easier by using string cheese for quick access without any slicing involved. Just toss both of these in your purse to grab while you're on the go.

Granola Bars

With such a wide variety of granola bars to choose from, why not purchase some not only for your kitchen cupboard but also your car? After a hypoglycemic surge while driving, I decided that was going to be my remedy in an attempt to prevent that problem in the future. Not only are they good for keeping your blood sugar level up, but they're a nice way to add fiber to your diet.

Peppers and Hummus

You can purchase some great tasting hummus blends in just about every grocery store. I usually keep a tasty container of Athenos spicy three pepper hummus in the fridge, along with some red and green sliced peppers to use for healthy dipping. There's an array of hummus to choose from so it's easy to find one that tickles your tastebuds.This makes a satisfying snack which can last for hours.

Source: Personal Experience