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Omaha CNA Training – Approved CNA Omaha Nursing Schools

Nebraska residents considering a career as a certified nursing assistant must, as a first step, complete a state-approved training program.

Since 1987, every state in the U.S. has been federally required to approve and regulate their own in-state certified nurse aide training programs. The Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services (NDHHS) is the governmental body responsible for approving those CNA Omaha nursing schools located in the city's metropolitan area.

This article shows students where to find accredited Omaha CNA training programs and details the certification steps that must be taken to achieve the proper credentials.


CNA Omaha Nursing Certification

Individuals who do not have a formal nursing background are required to complete the following steps in order to attain certification:

  • Graduate from a state-approved program
  • Pass a state-administered certification examination
  • Submit to a criminal history review

Those who hold an active, out-of-state certification can apply for endorsement from NDHHS. Additionally, those who have completed at least one year of an accredited nursing program with at least a C average can petition the state to have the training requirement withdrawn. This includes military personnel who have undergone medical training.

Omaha CNA Programs' Curricula

Students looking around amongst the different CNA Omaha nursing programs will find that there are slight educational differences between them. However, it's important to note that all state-approved schools must offer the following:

  • At least 75 hours of learning
  • A classroom-based component
  • A clinical training component

Students in the classroom portion are taught a number of required content areas, including:

  • Infection control
  • Communication skills
  • Patients' rights
  • Restorative care
  • Basic nursing care
  • Emergency procedures

In the clinical portion of Omaha CNA programs, students work directly with patients under the supervision of a nurse educator. This training, done in various care facilities, allows students the opportunity to practice for the skills portion of the state competency examination, which must be passed in order to attain certification.

CNA Omaha Nursing Schools

NDHHS approves a number of Omaha CNA programs located in a variety of places, including community colleges, high schools, community centers and nursing homes.

For a list of those programs approved by the state, see the list of schools and search for those located in Omaha.

Benefits of Omaha CNA Training

Those who both complete a state-approved program and pass the state's competency examination are eligible to be placed upon the registry of nurse aides. Such individuals are considered certified to work in facilities throughout the state