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Health Impact: The Legalization of Marijuana in California

The fight to legalize marijuana has been going on for decades. As of today, only 10 countries in the world have tolerated the personal usage of marijuana in limited quantities, while many more allow the medicinal usage, including Canada, Australia, and 14 states in the United States. However, Proposition 19, otherwise known as the “Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010”, has been proposed for the state of California. If passed, it would legalize a variety of personal marijuana related activities. Also if Prop 19 was to pass, then there would also be a massive impact on the state’s health care status.

Effects of Marijuana

Even by itself, marijuana has a pretty negative connotation these days. To better understand the effects of passing Prop 19, it would be crucial to actually know what Marijuana can do to one’s body. The substance that causes the main effects of marijuana is THC, or delta-9-hydrocannabinol.

When THC begins to kick in, the user will usually experience a distorted perception from your senses, memory loss, loss of coordination, the inability to think straight, increased heart rate, decreased blood pressure, and mood swings. After using marijuana, there are also lasting negative effects on the brain (hallucinations and impaired memory), the lung (infections and obstructed airways), and the heart (increased risk for a heart attack). There has also been a study where it was shown that with the carcinogens found in marijuana, there has been a possible increase in risk for cancer.

Obviously, the legalization of marijuana wouldn’t be even considered if it weren’t for a few distinct positives either. The euphoria is one of the main lures for marijuana, and can help those in severe pain for example (ergo why some countries decided to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana). In addition, marijuana can increase one’s appetite, also good for medicinal use.

Impact on Healthcare

Among others, the healthcare industry will be severely impacted if this proposition was to go through. Passing this proposition is a double edged sword, and one should look at both sides to truly understand the overall effect.

First off, passing this proposition will generate a lot of tax dollars. Not only will the state no longer need to enforce the taking of marijuana (or as heavily at least), but the proposition also states that the local governments will be able to collect marijuana related taxes and fees. Let’s be honest here. With the proposition passed, there will be an enormous increase in the amount of people who would take marijuana. That means a whole lot more money that’s taken in by the government. Although indirect, some of this money will flow into the healthcare system, helping its growth.

Then there’s the downside. Looking at the effects of marijuana, coupled with the fact that marijuana users will certainly increase (at least in the public’s eyes), there will be a drastic increase in those with negative effects due to the intake of marijuana. Indeed, there will be an increased number of people who need to be cared for. This will add even more stress on the health care system, and will most likely cause an overall decreased quality. More people to care for means less resources for the individual.

At first glance, the second consequence will most likely override the first. While the opposite is possible, it is just more likely that the massive increase in people needing care from marijuana effects will negate the improvements to the quality of the health care system created from more tax dollars collected.

As of now, the US government reports that over 102 million Americans have used marijuana in their lifetimes, and 15 million of those confessing to using it regularly. Obviously, there are probably a lot more people who would not willingly say that they are users. If this proposition is passed, then that number will jump. All I have to say to the health care system is, good luck.

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Omaha CNA Training – Approved CNA Omaha Nursing Schools

Nebraska residents considering a career as a certified nursing assistant must, as a first step, complete a state-approved training program.

Since 1987, every state in the U.S. has been federally required to approve and regulate their own in-state certified nurse aide training programs. The Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services (NDHHS) is the governmental body responsible for approving those CNA Omaha nursing schools located in the city's metropolitan area.

This article shows students where to find accredited Omaha CNA training programs and details the certification steps that must be taken to achieve the proper credentials.


CNA Omaha Nursing Certification

Individuals who do not have a formal nursing background are required to complete the following steps in order to attain certification:

  • Graduate from a state-approved program
  • Pass a state-administered certification examination
  • Submit to a criminal history review

Those who hold an active, out-of-state certification can apply for endorsement from NDHHS. Additionally, those who have completed at least one year of an accredited nursing program with at least a C average can petition the state to have the training requirement withdrawn. This includes military personnel who have undergone medical training.

Omaha CNA Programs' Curricula

Students looking around amongst the different CNA Omaha nursing programs will find that there are slight educational differences between them. However, it's important to note that all state-approved schools must offer the following:

  • At least 75 hours of learning
  • A classroom-based component
  • A clinical training component

Students in the classroom portion are taught a number of required content areas, including:

  • Infection control
  • Communication skills
  • Patients' rights
  • Restorative care
  • Basic nursing care
  • Emergency procedures

In the clinical portion of Omaha CNA programs, students work directly with patients under the supervision of a nurse educator. This training, done in various care facilities, allows students the opportunity to practice for the skills portion of the state competency examination, which must be passed in order to attain certification.

CNA Omaha Nursing Schools

NDHHS approves a number of Omaha CNA programs located in a variety of places, including community colleges, high schools, community centers and nursing homes.

For a list of those programs approved by the state, see the list of schools and search for those located in Omaha.

Benefits of Omaha CNA Training

Those who both complete a state-approved program and pass the state's competency examination are eligible to be placed upon the registry of nurse aides. Such individuals are considered certified to work in facilities throughout the state

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LPN Minneapolis Nursing Schools, Approved Minneapolis LPN Courses

Minneapolis residents who are considering practical nursing as a career should know that they must first graduate from a licensed practical nurse (LPN) educational program approved by the State of Minnesota.

Practical nursing programs in the Unites States are regulated at the state level. The Minnesota Board of Nursing is the official agency that approves those LPN Minneapolis nursing schools situated across the Minneapolis – St. Paul area.

This article describes how students can find state-accredited Minneapolis LPN programs and explains the Minnesota licensing requirements.


LPN Minneapolis Nursing License

Individuals who have never been licensed as a nurse nor earned an accredited nursing degree must complete the following steps in order to attain the credentials needed to work as a Minneapolis LPN:

  • complete a Minnesota-approved practical nursing school
  • pass the national NCLEX-PN examination
  • undergo a criminal history background check

Nurses who hold an out-of-state license can apply to transfer their licensure to the State of Minnesota. To learn about the state's endorsement process, contact the Minnesota Board of Nursing at 612-617-2270.

Minneapolis LPN Programs' Courses

Accredited schools in Minnesota offering practical nurse training are allowed to craft their own curricular models and class schedules. However, all state-approved LPN Minneapolis nursing schools are obligated to present students with the following educational elements:

  • a nursing program that lasts at least one academic year
  • an academic, classroom-based instructional element
  • an experiential learning element based upon supervised clinical training

Minneapolis nursing students enrolled in an approved program are taught numerous subject areas in the classroom, including:

  • Pediatric nursing
  • Social sciences
  • Maternity nursing
  • Physical sciences
  • Pharmacology
  • Nursing for adults and the elderly
  • Psychology

In addition to the classroom-based component, state-approved Minneapolis LPN programs give students the chance to treat patients in a supervised setting. This work both allows them to train for their future jobs and prepares them for the NCLEX-PN exam.

LPN Minneapolis Nursing Schools

The Board of Nursing in Minnesota approves a variety of educational providers, including community colleges, technical institutions and career centers.

To find approved practical nursing programs in Minneapolis, see the Minnesota LPN programs list and search for those in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area.

Minneapolis LPN Training Benefits

Nursing students in Minnesota who both complete a state-approved LPN Minneapolis nursing program and pass the NCLEX-PN exam are allowed to work as a practical nurse in medical facilities across the state.

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It's sad,if you've the virus,in your, blood.The truth,stays,you're positive,much as,you seem,and even,feel health.It's comprehendable,if,you need,a second,opinion,from,another laboratory,but accepting,the reality,is much better.At this point,you're expected to put,to good use,all the spiritual,legal,medical and social support systems,you receive.Millions,in your category ,are out there,doing ,the same.

I ,know,there is ,already ,strife and shock,written on ,your heart,but you're ,expected ,to control ,them.It's better,to be knowledgeable,about,how precious,your life is-so,you ,can have, all dangers,ducked.Your counsellor,won't be,policing,you.Controlling,your emotions,and guarding against,destructive behaviour,is therefore,expected ,of you.

Always,put to good use,any support,to empower you,from ,your counsellor-because,you definitely ,need it.You'll, be asked questions, like,who ,needs, to know;and when or how,do they, need ,to know?These queries,if ,properly'answered,can enable,the counsellor ,know and possibly, link up with that someone,at your place ,of work,school,or home-whom, you can, depend on,for say;treatment,reminders.

With the help,of the counsellor's advice, and your knowledge,you ,can live,for more than,twenty years,and probably,even,outlive,many ,who are negative-due to,your focus, and purposefulness.Don't slide,into,despair;your counsellor,can help ,plan your future,and still achieve,those life goals.All ,isn't ,lost.

Also,make sure,the counselling,you receive,helps influence,your decisions ,of relating to,the people,closest to you-particularly,those directly affected,by the positive result,like ,your sexual ,partner.

Remember;the good decisions,we make,preserve,our valuble lives,whether,the result,is positive,or negative.The challenge,of the test,teaches,us,sanity,of life.Never,at any one time,should you,take,your life,or the life of your loved one,for granted.It's amazing,how ,ignorant,we can be,at what,goes on ,in our bodies,but we ,have to believe,in God,for he's in control.


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Health Ranch – Canyon Ranch Resort in Tuscon, Arizona

Healthtel is a new word coined by hoteliers to describe the latest trends in the hospitality industry. A healthtel is a hotel that promotes the idea of healthy living. Accommodations in such hotels are generally combined with a wellness program. So people can combine their vacations with concerns about their health. Canyon Ranch Resort is in Tucson, Arizona and is one such hotel that also has a slogan that indicates that the Ranch is a state of the mind and a way of life. It therefore calls itself a Health Ranch.

Canyon Ranch Resort is a place to go if you are looking for a vacation spot that is healthy and relaxing. Canyon Ranch Resort provides exercise physiology, cooking and nutrition classes and medical services along with the spa treatment that is found in other resorts that are spa specific. Canyon Ranch Resort has dedicated health professionals and therefore an excellent place for people who are concerned with health matters. You will find among these professionals healing touch practitioners, dermatologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and therapists who specialize in movement, aquatics, behavior and physical matters. Podiatrists, exercise physiologists and nutritionists round of this mélange of health professionals. So whatever your problem, health wise, the Canyon Ranch Resort will have someone who can help you. So while you are on a vacation you can get your health back on track. And to add to all this all staff at the Canyon Ranch Resort is trained at the bigger universities like NYU, Harvard and Stanford.

Amenities and features available at the Canyon Ranch Resort are spread out into room types. Some of the amenities which are part of various room types in the Canyon Ranch Resort are :

Canyon Ranch Resort deluxe room has a patio which is an addition over most standard hotel rooms. The Executive room includes a mini fridge, vanity as well as an extra area for sitting. There are also luxury bedroom suites with one, two or three bedrooms. These are fitted just like a small apartment and even have kitchen as well as dining area that has been fully fitted out. There is also a living room and an attached patio. And of course if you opt for the Casa Grande you would have 2700 square feet of elegant living space in the Southwest style.

Canyon Ranch Resort have additional programs on offer which include a four night stay during which you are tested on your physical and other parameters and a diagnosis is made about your fitness. After the tests, one on one meeting with all the concerned health professionals will give you a complete assessment of your well being in what the Canyon Ranch Resort calls its peak performance program.

While signing on for this program you can exercise an option for your performance to be judged as per a specific sport be it tennis, golf, swimming, running, biking or even the marathon. So the program advises you on the requirements of your specified sport and suggest ways by which you can get to peak performance. A number of people opt for these programs and costs vary according to the activity or sport chosen.

Current pricing can be obtained directly from Canyon Ranch Resort and for the specialized treatment that is on offer with again diagnostic equipment that is the latest. Prices quoted seem very reasonable for ensuring your health and performance. Canyon Ranch Resort is a true wellness hotel.

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DC CNA Training – Approved CNA Washington, DC Nursing Schools

The Health Professional Licensing Administration, which is under the auspices of the District of Columbia Department of Health, is the body responsible for approving those CNA Washington, DC nursing schools available in the District.

This article shows students how to find approved Washington, DC CNA programs and details the District's certification requirements.


CNA Washington, DC Nursing Certification

For individuals living in the District who have never been state-certified, the following steps must be completed in order to practice as a nursing assistant:

  • Graduate from an approved CNA DC school
  • Pass a criminal history review
  • Pass the NNAAP certification examination

Those who have attained certification in another state can apply for endorsement through the Health Professional Licensing Administration. For information on this process and how to obtain the proper applications, see the administration's endorsement application packet.

Washington, DC CNA Programs' Curricula

Each independent educational provider in the District is allowed to create its own class offerings and curricular structures. However, students should note that all approved CNA Washington, DC nursing schools are required to offer the following elements:

  • At least 120 hours of learning
  • At least 45 hours of classroom-based instruction
  • At least 30 hours of clinical learning in a laboratory setting
  • At least 45 hours of clinical training in a nursing home

In the classroom-based component offered by CNA DC nursing programs, students learn several important areas, including:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Infection control
  • Safety procedures
  • Basic nursing skills
  • Vital signs
  • Restorative care
  • Personal care
  • Mental health care

In the clinical training component that is a part of every approved Washington, DC CNA program, students are given the opportunity to work directly with patients in nursing homes throughout the city. This training is supervised, and gives students the chance to practice for the skills component of the NNAAP examination.

CNA DC Nursing Schools

The Health Professional Licensing Administration approves a number of CNA Washington, DC nursing programs, most of which are located in adult learning institutions, career centers, and universities across the city.

Individuals employed by long-term care facilities and nursing homes who are required to undergo nurse aide training for their jobs are eligible to receive such training free-of-charge, and should inquire ask their employers how to receive free training.

For a list of approved CNA DC training programs located in the city, reference the city's list of nursing schools.

CNA Washington, DC Nursing Advantages

Those who complete a program approved by the District and are able to pass the NNAAP examination are placed upon the official nurse aide registry, thus allowing for legal employment in long-term care facilities across the city.

Washington, DC CNA jobs are expected to rise in demand over the next ten years as the city's population ages, making an investment in nurse training a solid move.

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Whether,we,like it,or not,knowing,the virus,is in our blood,is,inevitable.That time,is definitely there,when you,and I,must,face,the fact ,of our,sero, status.You, are doomed,if you're among,those hating,anything,to do,with it-because,that laboratory test,will be done,come what may.

I, won't be ,surprised,however defiant ,you seemed,if ,am told,you,painfully,chose wednesday,as the appropriate day,for your H.I.V blood tests-because,your sunshine,can be like;her parents, are ,in urgent need,of the results,before ,any further,marriage discussions.In fact,for fear,of being held,in suspect,you ,may hastily,propose ,having,them done,in the morning,hours. Say;you're,just,a click away,from attaining,your dream job,or that competitive,oxford university scholarship,attracting ,multitudes-then,youre told,all is well,except ,something small,though.Mr. Kato-the company doctor,has,to take you through,a series,of medical tests,and pass on,the results,to the board, of directors.Then ,next thing,you hear,after that,is disqualification,on medical grounds,and,you, must see,Doctor Kato,in case,you need,the details.

Your detoriation,from the "full of life and energy"person,to a weakling,worse,than a newly born;with malaria,on and off,skin rashes,peeling lips,hair,falling off,a very significant,weght loss,and diarrhoea,can be,obvious to even,a one year old,something, is ,medically ,wrong.Eventually,after a number, of tests,turning out negative,someone ,can subtly ,suggest,you should go,for the H.I.V,test,just to, eradicate,the possibility!

What, you, must know ,is;most, of us,from our past,could have,picked the virus,from ,our mothers(14%),exposure,to infected blood,(2%),or having sex,with ,infected persons(84%).It's tagic'if,you're ,H.I.V ,and you stumble,minus an opportunity,to recover,with the aid, of the positives' ,experience.The possibility,should therefore,find us ,informed.


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Royal Oak supports upcoming HIV AIDS Walk 2020

While most of us are scrambling during back to school time, and looking to get into the swing of things again, many community members of Royal Oak are getting ready for the 2020 HIV/AIDS Walk Detroit. It is held annually in an effort to raise money for needed medication, research and support of those in our communities. Higher Ground, a Royal Oak HIV/AIDS support organization that benefits from the walk, has already raised 10 percent of its team fundraising goal, but is looking for the support of the community to raise more through the event.

The annual HIV/AIDS walk was founded in 1991 and has raised over $3 million in proceeds to benefit 25 charities. The HIV/AIDS walk has benefited thousands of people with HIV or AIDS and their families. The next HIV/AIDS walk will be held Sept. 19 in Royal Oak. For more information on the HIV/AIDS walk or Stepping Out visit: or Higher Ground at


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Health Problems Force Internet Radio Station Owner to Raise Money to Keep Station Online

Pat Matthews, owner of Beatles-a-Rama, which he created in 2001, is facing a tough situation.

Matthews, whose real name is Patrick Helmstetter, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008. He has continued to produce programming for the station, which streams to listeners all over the globe 24 hours a day.

He has also continued to be the sole financial backer of the radio station, paying the streaming and domain fees. But as medical bills have begun to grow, the funding is becoming harder to manage.
Matthews is now hoping to raise at least $150,000 through the fund raising website A campaign has been set up at The webpage includes a video and a description of the campaign.

“I don’t want to have to do this, but I see no other choice,” Matthews said in a phone interview. He says he goes through two regular treatments, one every month and another every three months.

The deadline for contributions is July 22. Contributors of $25 will get a 160k streaming subscription to the station for a year, a $100 will get a selection of various CDs or DVDs and $300 will get a lifetime premium subscription to the station.

The funds will go towards paying off the credit card that has been maxed out because of streaming charges over the past 10 years, and also to pay for future streaming, licensing fees, etc. during Matthew’s medical care.