I’ve heard that my state has an infertility insurance mandate. Does that mean I have insurance coverage for infertility?

Fifteen states currently have infertility insurance mandates. These mandates vary in the level of coverage that health insurance underwriters are required either to offer (otherwise known as a “mandate to offer” or “soft mandate”) or to provide (a “mandate to provide” or “hard mandate”). For exapmle, the Massachusetts and Illinois mandates are hard mandates that compel insurers to provide infertility coverage; the Texas and California mandates are soft mandates that merely compel insurers to offer the coverage to employers. Employers in those states are not obligated to purchase the coverage.  Self-insured groups are not required to follow these mandates.

What determines my infertility insurance coverage?

There are two determinants for infertility coverage.  Some states have an insurance mandate which requires infertility coverage.  The level of coverage dictated by this mandate varies from state to state.  In addition, even in mandated states there may be exemptions to fertility coverage.  Another determinant of your level of coverage is your employer. Two employers can both use the same health insurance carrier (BCBS, for example) and can have virtually identical health insurance plans, but one employer may decline infertility coverage whereas the other employer carries infertility coverage.

My contract states that “all prescriptive drugs” are covered, but it also states that “treatment of infertility” is not covered. Will my “fertility drugs” be covered?

Maybe, but don’t count on it. You should contact your plan sponsor or benefits manager to verify your coverage for these drugs.  Keep in mind some of these drugs are expensive and the insurer may refuse to reimburse for their cost.

Should leuprolide be refrigerated?

Leuprolide should be stored at room temperature. However, once opened it should be refrigerated to decrease the possiblity of contamination.

The leuprolide vial seems only half full. Is there a problem?

No. The vial contains 2.8 ml of drug, which is normally sufficient for at least one cycle.

What is the difference between units, cc’s and ml’s?

On the insulin syringes (for Leuprolide):

10 units = 0.1ml = 0.1cc

5 units = 0.05ml = 0.05cc

What type of progesterone does Village Pharmacy use when compounding progesterone injection and suppositories?

We use only NATURAL progesterone for our compounds.

Can medications be returned?

No. It is unlawful for a pharmacy to accept returned medication.

Can I mix my medications in advance?

Generally medications must be used as soon as they are mixed. However, hCG once mixed is stable for 60 days in the refrigerator.

How can I arrange for delivery of my medication?

You or your physician may contact Village Pharmacy to place a new medication order or refill prescription during our regular business hours of Monday through Friday 8 AM to 7 PM and Saturday 8 AM to 5 PM. When we receive your medication order we will contact you directly to arrange for the most convenient delivery.


Why did I receive several different needles and syringes?

A long needle (1½”) may be used for mixing medications, drawing up medications or for intramuscular injection.

A short needle (½”) is used for subcutaneous injection.

Insulin syringes (oranged tipped) are always used for Leuprolide injection.

Do I have to inject my medication at the same time every day?

It is recommended you give your shot the same time each day. Some physicians may allow a window of time to give the medication. Check with your center regarding protocol.

How much diluent do I use for my hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and Novarel) injection?

Unless otherwise instructed, most centers recommend 1cc of diluent to dilute all of the powder.

Which needle should be used for hCG? Sub-Q or IM?

The type of injection preference varies by clinic.  Therefore it is important that you follow your clinic’s instructions.

Do suppositories need to be refrigerated?

Suppositories are refrigerated in order to hold their shape. If your suppositories arrive warm, refrigerate and their shape will return.

Who can I call if I have questions after business hours?

If you’re unable to reach Village Pharmacy during our regular business hours, call our 24/7 pharmacist at (866) 890-8930.


Additionally, if you have any questions about your medications or method of injection, call our 24/7 Nurse Hotline at (877) 98-NURSE.

What do I do with my used needles and syringes?

Village provides a complimentary Sahrps waste container for disposal of your used needles and syringes.

What needle size do I use to inject Progesterone Oil?

Progesterone oil is always given intramuscularly, usually injected with a 1½” needle.