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Whether,we,like it,or not,knowing,the virus,is in our blood,is,inevitable.That time,is definitely there,when you,and I,must,face,the fact ,of our,sero, status.You, are doomed,if you're among,those hating,anything,to do,with it-because,that laboratory test,will be done,come what may.

I, won't be ,surprised,however defiant ,you seemed,if ,am told,you,painfully,chose wednesday,as the appropriate day,for your H.I.V blood tests-because,your sunshine,can be like;her parents, are ,in urgent need,of the results,before ,any further,marriage discussions.In fact,for fear,of being held,in suspect,you ,may hastily,propose ,having,them done,in the morning,hours. Say;you're,just,a click away,from attaining,your dream job,or that competitive,oxford university scholarship,attracting ,multitudes-then,youre told,all is well,except ,something small,though.Mr. Kato-the company doctor,has,to take you through,a series,of medical tests,and pass on,the results,to the board, of directors.Then ,next thing,you hear,after that,is disqualification,on medical grounds,and,you, must see,Doctor Kato,in case,you need,the details.

Your detoriation,from the "full of life and energy"person,to a weakling,worse,than a newly born;with malaria,on and off,skin rashes,peeling lips,hair,falling off,a very significant,weght loss,and diarrhoea,can be,obvious to even,a one year old,something, is ,medically ,wrong.Eventually,after a number, of tests,turning out negative,someone ,can subtly ,suggest,you should go,for the H.I.V,test,just to, eradicate,the possibility!

What, you, must know ,is;most, of us,from our past,could have,picked the virus,from ,our mothers(14%),exposure,to infected blood,(2%),or having sex,with ,infected persons(84%).It's tagic'if,you're ,H.I.V ,and you stumble,minus an opportunity,to recover,with the aid, of the positives' ,experience.The possibility,should therefore,find us ,informed.


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