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Chef Stephanie Peterson's Guide on How to Store Healthy Meals in a Jar

Professional Chef Stephanie Peterson, better known as Chef Tess, said Saturday, "Today I am going to tell you why you should have a food storage." Peterson explained to audience members at Honeyville Farms, how to save money and time by storing food long term. "I've relied on the advice to store a full year's supply of food for my family." Peterson said.

Every Saturday at Honeyville Farms located in Chandler, Arizona the store offers free classes for people that are headlined by professional chefs all over the country. This past Saturday Peterson demonstrated meal planning for emergency and every day life in a jar.

Peterson said, "I planned seven meals, one each night of the week, and then figured getting 52 of each meal in my food storage to have on hand." Thus was born, "The 52 Method Meals in a Jar Convenience Meal Planning for Emergency and Every Day."

"I wanted my menu plan to be concise and in one spot," Peterson said. The purpose of her plan was to store food that had a shelf life of five to seven years. The meals she picked out had to simple and easy for her kids to make. The "add water only" rule was a big concept I kept in mind.

Peterson said the first time she shared her concept with an emergency preparedness enthusiast, that maybe this is something other people can use. Home canning safety was a huge concern for Peterson. Once she was introduced to fried freeze dried fruits along with the dehydration methods she cheered. "97 % of the nutritional value of the food is preserved when food is freeze dried," Peterson said.

Later on during the cooking demonstration, Peterson went on to answer questions from the audience. Most people asked Peterson the simple question, "What jar size should I use?" Peterson said she would cut the recipes in half and used for smaller families. Another question asked by audience members was, "Do the foods have to be dry foods?" Peterson said all the food have to be dried food because the risk of bacteria forming.

Peterson demonstrated a variety of meals in a jar such as personal sized green and lean protein veggie hearty soup, classic chili, and double cheeseburger hamburger skillet meal just to name a few. After the cooking demonstrations Peterson signed cookbooks for the audience.

"She is energizing and uses a little bit of humor to lighten it up," Local Honeyville Farms Customer Tim Swamsom said. "I found it Chef Tess's demonstration educational. I've been to other events of hers."

"Chef Tess is a very good chef and I find her very educational," Honeyville Farms Employee
David Mackey said. "She is fun and entertaining. I've heard her speak before and she is the usual on Saturdays."

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