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Lean Cuisine Chicken Tuscan Panini: A Filling Healthy Meal

In our quest to eat healthier, we often find that the branded "healthy" foods either taste horrible or don't seem very filling. I've had several lean cuisine lunches that, frankly, don't fill up an average man's stomach. I know that cutting calories and increasing exercise is the best way to lose weight, but what if you've already lost the excess weight and just want to eat something filling that won't clog your arteries? Man can only live off of pita bread so many times.

Enter the Lean Cuisine Chicken Tuscan Panini. This is the latest in Lean Cuisine's series of Panini sandwiches, designed to bring you the taste of a real, Italian-style sandwich that won't break your calorie or grocery budget. The other Panini varieties seem to sell out just fine at my local grocery store, but how will this new flavor stack up?

Ingredients. This particular blend of Lean Cuisine Panini advertises a blend of white meat chicken, peppers, olives, tomatoes and some style of sauce called margherita. They mix all this together and spread it on Italian Herb bread. Just from reading the ingredients, it looks like a taste explosion waiting to happen. But it is a frozen food, so there's always a chance that it could end up tasting like a Chicken Tuscan sandwich left out too long.

Nutrition. This is a Lean Cuisine meal, so naturally you would expect the ingredients in the Chicken Tuscan Panini to be relatively healthy. There are 340 calories, 8 grams of fat, 21 grams of protein and 45 grams of carbs. Not too bad for a sandwich that is slightly bigger than your hands in a prayer position. There are no trans fats, and a surprisingly low amount of sodium (590 milligrams) for a frozen food. Each sandwich counts as one serving so you shouldn't feel bad eating an entire Chicken Tuscan Panini. This counts as 7 Weight Watchers points if you're counting

Taste. Wow. I found this to be one of the better Lean Cuisine Paninis in the line. For a new product, this really caught my tongue. The white chicken pops out real well with the margherita sauce. That sauce tasted like someone messed up and put a real Italian pizza restaurant's secret sauce in the mix instead of some flavorless healthy mix. Combined with the little tomato and pepper bits, you'd think you really WERE eating someone's pizza.

I also noticed if you cook it just as the instructions provided tell you, the bread stays nice and crisp and doesn't fall prey to that frozen food taste. I wouldn't quite call it as good as grilling it in your microwave (like the box suggests), but it's good enough to feel like a real sandwich and not a soggy substitute.

Overall, this was a pleasant surprise of a lunch. I wasn't a swollen tick by the time I was done eating the Chicken Tuscan Panini, but I also wasn't in the hunt for more food. The Lean Cuisine Chicken Tuscan Panini is a hit meal!

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5 Ways Parents Can Encourage Healthy Eating Habits in Kids

Surprisingly, a lot of our poor eating habits come from our parents. Many parents are often too tired or preoccupied to focus on their child’s nutrition, until it is too late. Here are a few things you can do to change that.

  1.  Start young. If you can, plan ahead. Kids from a young age can start to develop their palate and young enough children will develop it by what you give them. Many people say that if kids start eating spicy foods from a young age, they get used to it. The same goes for healthy food. Cultivate a taste for nutrition at a young age so you don’t have to work on fixing the problem later.
  2.  Stay home. This may be a very tough decision for a family but it most benefits the child. A mother who stays home and puts in effort to creating healthy meals for her family is a valuable asset over one who comes home and is too tired, from work, to cook so they have takeout instead. It’s very difficult for the parent to spend time, even meal planning, when they can’t manage their home and its nutrition because they are too focused on career.
  3.  Practice elimination. Sometimes kids can develop an addiction to certain foods. Many kids will start to choose sugary juices over water when they’re thirsty or choose fatty or sugary treats over fruit or vegetables as snacks. This is when it is time to reduce or eliminate these foods from the pantry. Your kids will eat what you give them and once they get used to seeing healthy foods around the home, they will forget about their unhealthy favorites.
  4.  Eat to live. In our culture, food is seen as an entertainment or family factor, people don’t just eat for nutrition, they eat because they’re at grandma’s house or they’ll eat because they’re with friends. This is why obese people often link their desire for food as a means of comfort. Because food has become a social thing. Eliminate “family time” through eating out or “taking a break” by going to a restaurant. These habits will only cultivate a negative perception of why they are eating.
  5.  Do other things. The only time some people see their family members is around the dinner table. My mom was concerned with nothing but whether or not I was eating. This creates a desire to please those who are supposed to be attached to you, with “cleaning your plate” or “getting enough food”. You are to eat to live, not live to eat. Avoid allow your kids to think the only way to spend time with you is to eat with you. Many families with two working parents, fall into this because the only time they spend with their children is at the dinner table.
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Health Ranch – Canyon Ranch Resort in Tuscon, Arizona

Healthtel is a new word coined by hoteliers to describe the latest trends in the hospitality industry. A healthtel is a hotel that promotes the idea of healthy living. Accommodations in such hotels are generally combined with a wellness program. So people can combine their vacations with concerns about their health. Canyon Ranch Resort is in Tucson, Arizona and is one such hotel that also has a slogan that indicates that the Ranch is a state of the mind and a way of life. It therefore calls itself a Health Ranch.

Canyon Ranch Resort is a place to go if you are looking for a vacation spot that is healthy and relaxing. Canyon Ranch Resort provides exercise physiology, cooking and nutrition classes and medical services along with the spa treatment that is found in other resorts that are spa specific. Canyon Ranch Resort has dedicated health professionals and therefore an excellent place for people who are concerned with health matters. You will find among these professionals healing touch practitioners, dermatologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and therapists who specialize in movement, aquatics, behavior and physical matters. Podiatrists, exercise physiologists and nutritionists round of this mélange of health professionals. So whatever your problem, health wise, the Canyon Ranch Resort will have someone who can help you. So while you are on a vacation you can get your health back on track. And to add to all this all staff at the Canyon Ranch Resort is trained at the bigger universities like NYU, Harvard and Stanford.

Amenities and features available at the Canyon Ranch Resort are spread out into room types. Some of the amenities which are part of various room types in the Canyon Ranch Resort are :

Canyon Ranch Resort deluxe room has a patio which is an addition over most standard hotel rooms. The Executive room includes a mini fridge, vanity as well as an extra area for sitting. There are also luxury bedroom suites with one, two or three bedrooms. These are fitted just like a small apartment and even have kitchen as well as dining area that has been fully fitted out. There is also a living room and an attached patio. And of course if you opt for the Casa Grande you would have 2700 square feet of elegant living space in the Southwest style.

Canyon Ranch Resort have additional programs on offer which include a four night stay during which you are tested on your physical and other parameters and a diagnosis is made about your fitness. After the tests, one on one meeting with all the concerned health professionals will give you a complete assessment of your well being in what the Canyon Ranch Resort calls its peak performance program.

While signing on for this program you can exercise an option for your performance to be judged as per a specific sport be it tennis, golf, swimming, running, biking or even the marathon. So the program advises you on the requirements of your specified sport and suggest ways by which you can get to peak performance. A number of people opt for these programs and costs vary according to the activity or sport chosen.

Current pricing can be obtained directly from Canyon Ranch Resort and for the specialized treatment that is on offer with again diagnostic equipment that is the latest. Prices quoted seem very reasonable for ensuring your health and performance. Canyon Ranch Resort is a true wellness hotel.

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Ways to Keep Your Mind Healthy

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health and if you want to take care of your mind you will also have to take care of your body. Here are a few things to consider for your overall well being.

Exercise – This is very important for your health on so many levels and you should make sure that you get in at least 15 minutes a day at the very least. Exercise boosts our moods, and is said to affect our brain and our hormones in a positive manner. This definitely promotes better mental health. Start out walking if nothing else and do this for 15-20 minutes a day. You will feel so much better getting out in the fresh air and moving around.

Sleep – We all have gone without sleep at one time or another in our life and have experienced that feeling of exhaustion, sleepiness, maybe even feeling ill. Going without enough rest each day can increase your risk of depression and anxiety. If there is to much noise maybe earplugs will help you drown out the noise. I like to listen to music with my ear buds, it helps me slip into a deeper sleep leaving me much more well rested and ready to take on the day.

An Over-Active Mind – At some point in time we all think too much but at what point does it affect your mental health? There was a time when I had to lead an introduction to three people with my mentors watching and monitoring me and boy, the night before my mind was in overdrive. I remember how I felt physically and mentally and I had to tell myself that there was nothing more to be done and put myself to bed. It took a lot to let my mind rest and once I did my body followed suit.

Holding Things In – Keeping things bottled up inside instead of expressing your feelings in not healthy. Whether you are angry, nervous or worried this state of mind if continued can cause not only mental health issues but your physical health can suffer as well. Speak what is on your mind, it is better for everyone involved to clear the air.

Drinking Too Much – I for one enjoy a drink now and then but like anything in excess it can be harmful. Alcohol actually depresses your nervous system, simply put, it depresses your mood. You may find that at night a shot or two of your favorite liquor before bed makes you sleepy but it actually interferes with your sleep leaving your less rested.

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The Healthy Wonders of the Dandelion

Dandelions, a plant known by most as a horrible and destructive menace to good lawns everywhere. However, few likely realize that the dandelion can be a very beneficial plant, although its strengths are far and removed from gardening applications. In fact, although it may seem very surprising, the dandelion, or more specifically the root, has an astounding number of health benefits that can be gained from consuming it. Eating dandelions? Yes, the concept may sound a bit strange, but this is fact, not fiction, and the roots of the dandelion plant can indeed be very beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Of course, the benefits of dandelion roots are not a new discovery, and many estimate that the roots were used for medicinal purposes as far back as 900 AD. One does not even need to delve to the dandelion roots to get health benefits, as the leaves themselves are notoriously high in vitamins. Although eating the leaves raw is not recommended, substantial amounts of vitamins A, B, C and D can all be found in the leaves. Of course, for a plant to be considered a true health supplement, it must have a few more benefits than just high vitamin content, and indeed, dandelions also contain a good variety of different nutrients. For example, the leaves contain iron, calcium, boron, magnesium and silicone. Dandelion leaves also have the potential to reduce cholesterol, and are sometimes recommended as a supplement for women going through pregnancy, or anyone suffering nutrient deficiency, the primary reason being that the plants leaves are so high in such a variety of different nutrients. As mentioned before, eating the leaves raw is not recommended, however, a quick trip to any larger drug or nutritional store should yield dandelion leaf and root supplements in large supply.

While we now know that the leaves are healthy, it is also worth mentioning that even the roots of the plant can be incredibly beneficial for health. Dandelion roots belong to the class of supplements known as "diuretics", meaning that they have the potential to flush water from a person's system. As a direct result of this, dandelion roots have been shown to have a very positive effect on the digestive system, and have been used for a long time as laxatives and appetite stimulants. Although it has not been proven, some doctors even make the claim that dandelion roots have the potential to remove toxins from the liver and bladder. Of course, considering the other benefits of dandelion roots, the fact that they may also be beneficial for the liver should really come as no surprise.

Become of the positive effect that dandelions are shown to have on the stomach and digestive system as a whole, they are also recommended to treat indigestion, heart burn, infections occurring in the urinary tract and a host of other digestive problems. Still though, it is worth mentioning that not everyone will reap positive effects from taking dandelion supplements, and, in some cases, they can cause some minor issues in the digestive system, but nothing more serious than an upset stomach is possible. In another positive note, dandelions have been shown to have no interactions what so ever with any kind of additional drug or stimulate, meaning that the health benefits can be absorbed at all times, regardless of what else a person may be taking or any required medicine.

So, the next time that you happen to see a dandelion taking root in your yard, resist the urge to rip it violently out of the ground. The dandelion can be a very helpful plant, and it is definitely something worth checking out the next time you visit any kind of health food or drug store. However, if your not sure if dandelion supplements are right or you, make sure to check with your doctor, which is always a smart move before beginning any kind of vitamin or nutritional supplement. For those who may be searching for a simple cure for stomach and digestive system problems, dandelion supplements may be just the thing.

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DC CNA Training – Approved CNA Washington, DC Nursing Schools

The Health Professional Licensing Administration, which is under the auspices of the District of Columbia Department of Health, is the body responsible for approving those CNA Washington, DC nursing schools available in the District.

This article shows students how to find approved Washington, DC CNA programs and details the District's certification requirements.


CNA Washington, DC Nursing Certification

For individuals living in the District who have never been state-certified, the following steps must be completed in order to practice as a nursing assistant:

  • Graduate from an approved CNA DC school
  • Pass a criminal history review
  • Pass the NNAAP certification examination

Those who have attained certification in another state can apply for endorsement through the Health Professional Licensing Administration. For information on this process and how to obtain the proper applications, see the administration's endorsement application packet.

Washington, DC CNA Programs' Curricula

Each independent educational provider in the District is allowed to create its own class offerings and curricular structures. However, students should note that all approved CNA Washington, DC nursing schools are required to offer the following elements:

  • At least 120 hours of learning
  • At least 45 hours of classroom-based instruction
  • At least 30 hours of clinical learning in a laboratory setting
  • At least 45 hours of clinical training in a nursing home

In the classroom-based component offered by CNA DC nursing programs, students learn several important areas, including:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Infection control
  • Safety procedures
  • Basic nursing skills
  • Vital signs
  • Restorative care
  • Personal care
  • Mental health care

In the clinical training component that is a part of every approved Washington, DC CNA program, students are given the opportunity to work directly with patients in nursing homes throughout the city. This training is supervised, and gives students the chance to practice for the skills component of the NNAAP examination.

CNA DC Nursing Schools

The Health Professional Licensing Administration approves a number of CNA Washington, DC nursing programs, most of which are located in adult learning institutions, career centers, and universities across the city.

Individuals employed by long-term care facilities and nursing homes who are required to undergo nurse aide training for their jobs are eligible to receive such training free-of-charge, and should inquire ask their employers how to receive free training.

For a list of approved CNA DC training programs located in the city, reference the city's list of nursing schools.

CNA Washington, DC Nursing Advantages

Those who complete a program approved by the District and are able to pass the NNAAP examination are placed upon the official nurse aide registry, thus allowing for legal employment in long-term care facilities across the city.

Washington, DC CNA jobs are expected to rise in demand over the next ten years as the city's population ages, making an investment in nurse training a solid move.

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Five Ways to Keep Your Fitter-Healthier You New Year’s Resolution in Miami, Florida

  1.  Visit Crandon Park

Exercise doesn’t have to be in a stuffy indoor gym. Getting your work out on outdoors can be a refreshing, much more fun alternative to pounding away at the treadmill or the elliptical machine. And while you’re already out, why not make a day trip of it? Located in the heart of Key Biscayne, Crandon Park is an inexpensive (entrance/parking fee is only $8!) family friendly nature reserve and beach, with plenty of activities that will help you break a sweat. Don’t feel like swimming? Try renting a kayak or a multiple-person bike. Or enjoy a simple jog down the luscious nature trail. Just don’t forget to pack SPF to protect you from Miami’s hot suns!

  1.  Shop for Produce at a Local Farmers’ Market 

From Coral Gables to Homestead, there is never a lack of fresh, delicious produce in Miami. When you go out of your way to pick up something special, you’re less likely to neglect eating it. Try the legendary Robert is Here Fruit Stand and Farm in Homestead for some of the juiciest fruit and freshest vegetables you’ll ever see. They also allow you to sample natural honeys, which you can purchase along with bee pollen (for an extra punch of vitamins and proteins!) and honeycomb, plus they offer homemade fruit preserves and butters, many of which come in sugar-free varieties. If you want to add a little bit of exercise to your shopping, hurry over to the Knauss Berry Farm, open from November to April and pick your own strawberries and tomatoes. Just make sure to exercise will-power with the baked goods and the milkshakes!

  1.  Salsa Dancing Classes 

Nothing is sexier than salsa dancing at a hot South Beach club. Miami has plenty of salsa dancing lessons and meet-ups, but if you want a good deal on a beginner’s level course, visit Florida International University’s Modesto Maidique Campus. Salsa Kings offers unlimited level 1 classes to first-time participants for only $20. There is metered parking for non-students and classes are from Monday through Friday at 8pm, with 5pm on Saturdays in the Graham Center atrium.

  1.  The Venetian Pool

For fans of the lovely architecture found in the Gables, the Venetian Pool offers an invigorating and unique swimming experience with their all-natural spring water pool created from an old rock quarry. The pool also boasts fun grottos and waterfalls, but be prepared to show off your aquatic skills: Only experienced swimmers will be allowed to splash around the larger waterfall.

  1.  The Yard House Fresh & Skinnytm Drink Menu 

In a city known for its beauty and partying, nothing beats kicking back with a tasty, cold mixed drink. But for those of us that want to fit into our swimsuits for tomorrow’s trip to Haulover beach or our skinny jeans as we tour through Aventura Mall, imbibing too many sugary libations is just not in the cards. That’s why we’re lucky to have The Yard House’s low calorie drinks, to quench our thirsts, but keep our waistlines from bloating.

Karen Ogliastri has lived in Miami, Florida for nearly two decades and is a student at Florida International University. Though her passion lays in writing, she is an avid dancer and a fan of the outdoors.

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President Barack Obama’s Health Care Reform Won’t Work

President Barack Obama just addressed the nation via this American Medical Association conference in Chicago where he was talking about health care for all Americans. He seemed to put it on legislators and others in the lawmaking establishment as well as their constituents that his idea is best. However color me suspicious because while he has repeatedly said that his plan is not “government run health care,” it seems to me that when the government is calling the shots and dictating the steps and telling the insurers as well as a health care providers and patients the steps to take that that indeed IS government run health care.

The health care crisis in the United States of America is completely ridiculous. People are paying too much, doctors and hospitals are charging too much, insurance companies are afraid to ensure doctors for fear of litigation from doctors who were just trying to do their jobs and crazy attorneys, hundreds of thousands are uninsured, and the whole system is broken. However President Barack Obama seems to think that he can to swoop in and fix everything with his over arcing message and his overpowering word.

However what President Barack Obama doesn’t seem to realize is that even if he does reform health care and put these measures in place, if people don’t like it or Republicans don’t like it or people think they’re paying too much taxes, his health care reform is going to get voted out. Then everything will go back to the way it was…or worse. It would seem to me that in order to elicit real systemic change we need to get to the root of the problem which is a fundamental shift in health care.

President Barack Obama has said in this conference just this morning that, “if you like your health care provider and you like your doctor than you can keep your health care provider and you can keep your doctor.” I’m paraphrasing but that was the gist of what he said and this fact seems to ignore the fundamental reality of things which is that if people are going to have the choice to keep what they have, then why would they want to pay higher taxes to ensure others? That is inevitably what Rush and Hannity and Beck and all the other right wing wild loud mouths have said and will continue to say.

Don’t get me wrong; I am currently uninsured and I really need to get insured. I would love to have health care from my government that was a portion of my tax dollars going to work for me in a real way that I could see immediately. However I don’t believe that the way the plan is set up right now it’s going to work. It seems to me that President Barack Obama wants to have it both ways; that is, he wants to please people who are happy with the status quo, while still pandering to the people who are unhappy. And you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

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Healthy Meals Are Important for Your Family

Healthy Meals Are Important For Your Family

The best meals are the ones that you prepare at home, using fresh ingredients, to insure that your loved ones are eating healthy and nutritious foods every day.

Many families may have someone with allergies, or health conditions that may restrict their diets. This does not mean that the entire family must follow the same restrictions, most foods can be prepared to supply the needs of all family members.

If you have someone with special dietary needs consult their doctor or a professional nutritionist for advice on the best menu's for them.

Obesity with some family members must be considered and recipes can be modified by using low fat dairy products, less sugar and salt while supplying nutrition and good taste for everyone.

You and your family can enjoy an occasional splurge on weekends, or special occasions, however, encourage your family to practice portion control and moderation especially with high calorie sweets.

Many believe that preparing your own recipes will cost more than using prepackaged convenience foods. Most quick-to-prepare foods are high in calories and packed with unhealthy fats, sugar, salt, and food additives. Prepacked foods are also more expensive per serving.

Doing your own cooking enables you to select healthier ingredients. You can cook with healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil or soybean oil, you can reduce the amount of sugar, you can flavor foods with herbs and spices and when using salt choose sea salt for added minerals.

As you begin to practice healthy cooking, check the library or the Internet for recipes and advice to make family meals healthier and more interesting. Cookbooks and magazines also offer recipes for healthy cooking and eating habits.

Begin one step at a time, when shopping read labels to help you make healthy choices. Choose leaner cuts of meat, fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit, whole-grain varieties of pasta and bread. Cooking healthier cannot happen overnight , but it can develop into a lifestyle change for you and your family.

You do not need to clean out your pantry, but make wiser decisions with new purchases and replace the less healthy items as you work toward providing healthier meals for your family.

Make a goal of serving one or two new recipes each week and soon your family will be enjoying healthier meals every day.

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Whether,we,like it,or not,knowing,the virus,is in our blood,is,inevitable.That time,is definitely there,when you,and I,must,face,the fact ,of our,sero, status.You, are doomed,if you're among,those hating,anything,to do,with it-because,that laboratory test,will be done,come what may.

I, won't be ,surprised,however defiant ,you seemed,if ,am told,you,painfully,chose wednesday,as the appropriate day,for your H.I.V blood tests-because,your sunshine,can be like;her parents, are ,in urgent need,of the results,before ,any further,marriage discussions.In fact,for fear,of being held,in suspect,you ,may hastily,propose ,having,them done,in the morning,hours. Say;you're,just,a click away,from attaining,your dream job,or that competitive,oxford university scholarship,attracting ,multitudes-then,youre told,all is well,except ,something small,though.Mr. Kato-the company doctor,has,to take you through,a series,of medical tests,and pass on,the results,to the board, of directors.Then ,next thing,you hear,after that,is disqualification,on medical grounds,and,you, must see,Doctor Kato,in case,you need,the details.

Your detoriation,from the "full of life and energy"person,to a weakling,worse,than a newly born;with malaria,on and off,skin rashes,peeling lips,hair,falling off,a very significant,weght loss,and diarrhoea,can be,obvious to even,a one year old,something, is ,medically ,wrong.Eventually,after a number, of tests,turning out negative,someone ,can subtly ,suggest,you should go,for the H.I.V,test,just to, eradicate,the possibility!

What, you, must know ,is;most, of us,from our past,could have,picked the virus,from ,our mothers(14%),exposure,to infected blood,(2%),or having sex,with ,infected persons(84%).It's tagic'if,you're ,H.I.V ,and you stumble,minus an opportunity,to recover,with the aid, of the positives' ,experience.The possibility,should therefore,find us ,informed.