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Healthy Long-Term 2020 Resolutions

Yahoo! asked readers and contributors to share their progress on health-related New Year's resolutions for 2020. Here is one perspective.

My resolutions in the past have never made it past the first week of the new year. For 2020, my resolution was — or is — to eat healthier. I also vowed to take more steps each day in my daily routine, whether it is at home or at work. Instead of making resolutions that were impossible to keep, I chose things that would take some self-discipline but yet become habit forming over time.

Walking more and eating healthier are typical health-related resolutions. However, mine are not for the typical reasons, such as the stereotype notion of being a skinny size 2 or being able to fit into a dress that's not suitable for me to begin with. These resolutions are important to me for the purpose of getting and staying healthy. These resolutions are for the long term and not just for 2020.

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Royal Oak supports upcoming HIV AIDS Walk 2020

While most of us are scrambling during back to school time, and looking to get into the swing of things again, many community members of Royal Oak are getting ready for the 2020 HIV/AIDS Walk Detroit. It is held annually in an effort to raise money for needed medication, research and support of those in our communities. Higher Ground, a Royal Oak HIV/AIDS support organization that benefits from the walk, has already raised 10 percent of its team fundraising goal, but is looking for the support of the community to raise more through the event.

The annual HIV/AIDS walk was founded in 1991 and has raised over $3 million in proceeds to benefit 25 charities. The HIV/AIDS walk has benefited thousands of people with HIV or AIDS and their families. The next HIV/AIDS walk will be held Sept. 19 in Royal Oak. For more information on the HIV/AIDS walk or Stepping Out visit: or Higher Ground at


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I Support Hillary Clinton’s Stand on Affordable Healthcare and FMLA

A Marist poll released Wednesday indicates that Hillary Clinton is the clear frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in 2016, and that there is a very crowded and tight field among Republicans. Yahoo asked voters: Which candidate are you backing and why? Here’s one perspective.

COMMENTARY¬†According to a recent McClatchy-Marist poll, Hillary Clinton currently enjoys major frontrunner status over other potential Democratic presidential nominees. Poll results shows her leading a second-place Joe Biden at nearly five-to-one. The news couldn’t please me more.

I am a registered Democrat, but I care more about policies and stances versus a specific party when I swing the curtain shut and vote. In 2008 I supported Clinton until she lost the nomination and never really moved over to a definite Obama fan though I appreciate his work on the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Hillary’s continued support of the AHA and her long-standing promotion of healthcare legislation for Americans impress me. The AHA would not only flourish while Hillary was president but also be continually fine-tuned to reduce healthcare costs in the U.S. Reduced healthcare costs let more people enjoy the routine medical care that helps prevent illness and creates a healthier, happier populace capable of accomplishing more at home and in the workplace.

On a similar note, Hillary’s vow to continue to fight for families is a firm entry in my column of her positives. Her desire to expand upon the current Family and Medical Leave Act is also a great step into the future for a Western democracy that languishes behind all others when it comes to the care of individual citizens and progressive policies, such as maternity leave, paternity leave, and paid sick leave. Strengthening the FMLA strengthens families and will provide parents and individuals with a better safety net when a child, elderly parent, or spouse faces illness.

I support families, the sick and the disabled, and so does Hillary. My support for her follows quite naturally.

Author Ashley Mott lives in East Dubuque, Ill.

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Heart-Healthy Snacks

It is 3:15 p.m. Lunch was hours ago and dinner is still at least three hours away. You are certain that the only thing standing between you and absolute starvation is the snack vending machine. Does this sound familiar? For too many Americans, it has become a habit to run for the vending machines and the seemingly endless variety of chips and cookies and candy to stave off the afternoon munchies. Unfortunately, this is not the best choice for you or your heart.

The typical snack food that people reach for tends to be high in sugar and saturated fats. In addition to be unhealthy, most of these snacks lack fiber, which means that you will be feeling hungry again very soon. There are several heart-healthy snacks that can easily fit into your schedule and your desk drawer for times when you need to snack.

One serving of almonds contains fiber, calcium, and the fats that are good for your heart. As with most things in life, moderation is the key, so actually read the label and measure out one serving. You will probably be surprised at how filling it actually is!

Half of a peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread will definitely get you through the afternoon. The fiber and whole grains make the snack filling and it is good for you too.

Most people do not eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables in their daily diet routine. An easy place to add more fruits and vegetable into your diet is at snack time. Many grocery stores make it easy for you by packaging already-chopped-and-washed veggies that are ready to eat. Add a little peanut butter or low-fat dressing and you have a very heart-healthy snack.

A single stick of string cheese and a couple whole grain crackers are also another way snack healthy. It will provide the calcium and protein you need without the fat that you don't.

One last snack option that many people overlook is ready to eat cereal. One serving of a whole grain cereal such as Cheerios will definitely get you through the afternoon and lower your cholesterol at the same time. See? You can multi-task!

Don't let afternoon snacks ruin your healthy eating habits. Heart-healthy snacks can be as delicious and filling as they are good for you. So, walk past that vending machine and pick up a healthy snack today!

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Health Ranger to the Rescue

His name is Mike Adams and he is the Health Ranger! His mission is to educate and enlighten the health conscious masses, by exploring the wide world of optimum natural health and exposing its commercial, institutional, and governmental foes. is a free site where Mike shares seemingly infinite personal wisdom and helpful resources to allow readers the knowledge and inspiration to transform and maintain their own personal optimal health and wellbeing.

The Health Ranger's personal mission also includes protecting and preserving the planet and to lead a mass, communal healthy transformation by living the example. His daily life illustrates proof positive that optimal health and wellness is possible even in today's toxic world. As the author of numerous books concerning natural health, Mike Adams proves to be a credible authority on living the natural, healthy lifestyle. He has subsequently created The Honest Food Guide, a helpful chart designed to encourage healthy eating habits to support living without illness. The Honest Food Guide is available to print-for-free .pdf format or it can be ordered in a laminated hardcopy form.

Mike Adams is also the editor of, the ultimate resource for staying informed of the most relevant issues regarding natural health, wellness, and nutrition. The website's channels include: Health, Environment, Technology, Energy, Life, Humor, Videos, and Cartoons. This website is literally a massive clearinghouse for the most current information on seemingly all aspects of healthy, self-actualized living. The Health channel provides everything you need to know about good health, ranging from harmful food alerts and health-related warnings to new product reviews, recommended vitamins and supplements, and featured awareness articles on both health issues and food issues.

The Environment channel keeps readers alerted to global environmental concerns with featured articles, links to pertinent environmental-action websites, along with links to relevant films. Both the Technology and Energy channels offer additional supportive news articles and resources for enabling conscientious, responsible living and ecologically informed consumerism. The Life channel is an extension of the previous channels, providing resources and information for increased knowledge of topics regarding personal and environmental health. Finally, the Humor, Videos, and Cartoon channels offer additional information in entertaining, interactive formats.

In addition to these Internet outlets, his Truth Publishing International, Ltd. offers many books, in both hardcopy and electronic formats, along with various audio products to support the healthier lifestyle. The Health Ranger is truly a man on a mission to save us from ourselves. His numerous resources have significantly contributed to the advanced education and enlightenment of his readers, in their eager pursuits for better qualities of life.

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Palliative Healthcare Careers and Mental Health Education

In the 21st century, it is expected we will see the greatest population of elderly adults. When considering healthcare professions, any type of profession that involves the care of the elderly will provide a great long-term career opportunity. While you may not be interested in nursing or other medical health services, the need for psychiatric healthcare professionals will be equally as strong.

When considering careers in the healthcare sector, consider a profession in mental health services and even try to focalize that training into a niche career that provides care to the elderly. From care associated with typical age-related conditions, such as dementia, to those that involve psychological care in response to chronic disease, there is no doubt that you will remain actively employed and never without professional opportunities.

As a mental health professional for the aging population, you may be wondering what type of responsibilities will you have. While there are many options made available, most mental health professionals opt to focus on end-of-life psychology services, or services and care associated with palliative care. Because psychology professionals in this niche of healthcare are required to become diversely knowledgeable, it poses one of the greatest challenges in terms of mental health career options.

If you choose this as a career option, you will not only become familiar with the psychology of end-of-life and palliative care but it will also be necessary that you become educated in the logistics of matters that are involved with the process of dying. These issues include religious events, organ donation, memorial arrangements, gift giving, and even assisting family members is closure and moving forward. While these may seem, at first, to be life events that are not of significant interest, they can be quite interesting and stem your interest and education into matters associated with legal issues as well.

Careers in the next century will be vastly different from that of the 20th century. As we move into an era where the population of elderly adults will be significantly higher, finding a career in a niche specialty will ensure your professional advancement and secure your employment. When considering education and career certifications, consider a career as a mental health professional with a specialty in palliative care or end-of-life matters. With a diverse educational background, there will be many opportunities open to you and rewards will be infinite as you help those in need of end-of-life services and their families cope with the change in their own lives.

Sources: Journal of Pain Symptom Management. 2002; 24(2): 108-111. BMC Palliative Care. 2002; 1(1): 3.

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Health Problems Force Internet Radio Station Owner to Raise Money to Keep Station Online

Pat Matthews, owner of Beatles-a-Rama, which he created in 2001, is facing a tough situation.

Matthews, whose real name is Patrick Helmstetter, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008. He has continued to produce programming for the station, which streams to listeners all over the globe 24 hours a day.

He has also continued to be the sole financial backer of the radio station, paying the streaming and domain fees. But as medical bills have begun to grow, the funding is becoming harder to manage.
Matthews is now hoping to raise at least $150,000 through the fund raising website A campaign has been set up at The webpage includes a video and a description of the campaign.

“I don’t want to have to do this, but I see no other choice,” Matthews said in a phone interview. He says he goes through two regular treatments, one every month and another every three months.

The deadline for contributions is July 22. Contributors of $25 will get a 160k streaming subscription to the station for a year, a $100 will get a selection of various CDs or DVDs and $300 will get a lifetime premium subscription to the station.

The funds will go towards paying off the credit card that has been maxed out because of streaming charges over the past 10 years, and also to pay for future streaming, licensing fees, etc. during Matthew’s medical care.

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When Your Health Records Are Not Kept Private

COMMENTARY Today, The Star Tribune reported that a Senate Health Committee, led by Minnesota (DFL) Senator, Al Franken, held a hearing against Accretive Health Inc. The Chicago based Accretive has been accused of aggressive debt-collection as well as preventing patients from obtaining emergency care, and a disregard for privacy laws.

When Your Health Records Are Not Kept Private

Between complaints from doctors and other health professionals working at these hospitals, and the Accretive loss of a laptop computer, the Minnesota Attorney General’s office had to step in and investigate.

What started out as a routine investigation on a stolen laptop containing personal health data on thousands of Minnesota hospital patients became an investigation of broken privacy laws. In January, when asked by the Minnesota AG, Accretive could not provide a privacy agreement as required by law. The AG’s investigation produced a backdated agreement after she made her request, then backdated it.

“That’s a pretty explosive charge,” Franken said.

Senator Franken may have made an understatement.

The hospitals gave out personal information to a company before completing the required documentation. I have to believe that the lack of documentation does not instill confidence that the hired billing company will handle our personal heath care information with care. But the loss of a laptop with this very personal information demonstrates an environment that does not place a huge importance on protecting medical privacy.

What is most alarming is that “An Accretive Health official failed to explain why a company employee had access to so much patient data when his laptop computer was stolen last year in Minneapolis.” Someone who was not a medical professional was given complete access to detailed medical histories. Histories that can assist doctors in detecting disease. Histories that have been instrumental in many patients denied health care. Histories that many patients do not want to reveal, fearing it will come back to haunt them. We are required to sign the privacy law, yet the very hospital that tells us that they are respecting our privacy is lying to us. And by backdating the agreement, this whole organization showed a lack of ethics.

The number one priority for a hospital should be to care for patients in a timely fashion. We give the hospital our money and we give them our medical information. We assume that they will not only heal us, but also protect our privacy. This incident is just one group in Minnesota. What about other places in America?

Ultimately, what is sad is that the hospitals affected by this situation were not the ones instigating this incident: the government needed to step in. This whole situation screams health care overhaul, and it cannot happen soon enough.